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TOPS is a cloud-based “end-to-end” solution for the customs agents to capture trade permit's data and manage them further through trade orders, invoicing until payments. Besides this, the reporting module of TOPS allows the agents to configure various reports and export them in multiple formats such as csv, xls, xlsx, pdf, etc.
  • Enables quick capture of the Trade Permit data.
  • Seamless process of converting the Permit into Trade Order.
  • Integrated Invoicing and Payments modules.
IBIS is a cloud based “end-to-end” solution, for the F&B sector (Restaurants), with the prime modules such as Billing/POS (Point of Sales) and Inventory. IBIS also includes a configurable module which lets the user to be alerted when any of the product is about to finish thus enabling a seamless communication and coordination between the different teams.
  • Simple UI enabling a quick billing process.
  • Dynamic inventory well integrated with the billing/POS module.
  • Configurable alerts to better manage the stocks.